Performix Coatings Products For Acoustical Panels

If your acoustical panel component needs a vinyl-based coating that when spray-applied provides a durable, flexible protective coating, Performix Coatings' PDC® F-753 Muraculon or F-874 Muraculon are the products you need.

F-753 and F-874 Muraculon products will produce a skin/membrane on unskinned polyurethane foam to create a barrier to moisture and chemicals. This skin has excellent resistance to fluids and petroleums. Both products create a tough coating that adds durability to foam and imparts abrasion as well as puncture resistance. F-753 Muraculon, specifically, is most commonly used as “edge spray” for noise deadening/ insulation foam products.

These qualities have particular benefits with acoustical panels. Both F-753 and F-874 Muraculon products are excellent, cost effective replacements for Hypalon® coating.

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