Physical therapy and rehabilitation products needed to have cleanable yet comfortable surfaces that were fluid-resistant and durable. Performix® flexible protective foam coatings met this challenge and provided manufacturers and patients with many other benefits.


A new flexible coating/process was required that would protect patients from contaminants by providing a safe, sealed, fluid-proof, chemically resistant, cleanable and fire retardant surface while encapsulating and protecting high performance materials being used to improve comfort, durability and overall design and effectiveness of foam-based physical therapy products.


By working closely with industry leaders, new Performix® foam coating technologies were developed specifically for the foams, composites and process being used. Not only did the new flexible protective coatings provide a sealed, fluid-proof and cleanable (reusable) surface but also improved patient comfort through superior design, engineering and materials.


Not only did the new flexible coatings meet the challenge but additional benefits included:

  • Lower overall costs by increased life expectancy of products
  • Greater durability
  • Fluid-proof, cleanable
  • Fast manufacturing/finishing process
  • Color match to all equipment manufacturers’ specifications
  • Lower overall weight by using composites
  • Latex-free product
  • Greater flexibility in product design, no longer limited to sewing capabilities and limitations

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