Performix® developed an electrostatic dissipative and conductive specialty coatings to meet the requirements of packaging and tools used in ESD-sensitive areas on a variety of substrates.


New protective coatings were needed to provide ESD protection on a variety of substrates but also eliminate FOD (foreign object damage) and remain permanent. Substrates included corrugated, fluted plastics, ABS, urethane foam and various metals.


A specialty coating was developed that can be applied to a variety of substrates in both production environments and on-site.


Not only did the new ESD coatings meet the challenge but additional benefits included:

  • Reduced VOC’s significantly when compared to existing coating systems
  • Non-flammable coating process allowing for greater worker safety in production environment
  • Lower overall costs per unit
  • Minimized permitting, storage, regulatory and insurance concerns while improving workplace conditions for employees when using water-based versions

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