Performix Coatings Products For EVA Foams

If you’re needing a soft touch polyurethane-based foam coating or synthetic rubber-based coating for your EVA foam component, check out either of Performix’s ESD F-611 C-975 Conductive or PDC® F-970 eccs® Softouch products. Here is a little more information about both of these great products.

About ESD F-611 C-975 Conductive
F-611 C-975 is a conductive synthetic rubber coating that exhibits durability, flexibility and strength. It can be applied to EVA foams as well as to many plastics such as ABS. Typical applications are foam packaging, case inserts and specialty products where ESD safe surfaces are needed.

About PDC® F-970 eccs® Softouch
F-970 Softouch is a fast dry, high quality, high solids, water base, 100% polyurethane coating that produces a unique Softouch finish on molded and fabricated polyurethane foams commonly used for the latest trend in ultra contemporary furniture and exotic display pieces. F-970 Softouch is also high solids, very low VOC material, which makes it an Emission Control Coating System, eccs®.

Finally, a component product you can rely on batch after batch. The durability, safety, ease of use, water clean up, as well as cosmetic appearance, you expect. The service and quality you deserve.

About F-717
F-717 is a synthetic rubber coating that exhibits the ultimate in durability and strength in the foam coatings industry. These coatings can be applied to polyethylene, EVA, as well as to many plastics such as ABS.

F-717 is an excellent choice for protecting EVA foam used for foam packaging and case inserts, preventing FOD.

About F-818
F-818 is a vinyl based coating designed to coat EVA foams with a high (12% +) vinyl content. F-818 has excellent chemical, petroleum, abrasion, moisture and UV resistance. F-818 can be used on items such as key fobs, can coolers, medical cushioning, pool floats, sporting goods, padding, wrestling mats, etc.

About F-861

F-861 Liquid Powder is a high quality, vinyl concentrate, dry blend replacement. It’s used to manufacture (mix) vinyl paint used to spray or dip coat martial arts gear, pool floats, wrestling mats, medical products, novelty items made using vinyl nitrile EVA foams with a high (12% +) vinyl content.

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