Performix Coatings Products For Medical Padding & Cushioning

For all of your vinyl and polyurethane coating needs for medical padding and cushioning, consider the high-quality products from Performix Coatings. Our vinyl coating products, including PDC® F-818 Vinyl Paint, and our polyurethane-based products, including F-779 s eccs®, perform exceptionally in medical cushioning and padding applications.

About F-779 s
F-779 s is a fast dry, high quality, water-based polyurethane used for IMC [in mold coating] or PMC [post mold coating] as a finish coat over an IMC or directly on other types of foam such as EVA, PVC, polystyrene or minicell. It excels in medical padding and cushioning applications.

F-779 s is also high solids, very low VOC materials, which makes it Emission Control Coating Systems, eccs®.

About F-818
F-818 is a vinyl-based coating designed to coat vinyl-based foams. F-818 has excellent chemical, petroleum, abrasion, moisture and UV resistance, making it ideal for use on medical cushioning and padding. For our highest gloss finish, top coat with F-760.

About F-830 & 874
F-830 and F-874 is a unique vinyl-based coating that when spray-applied provides a durable, flexible protective coating on polyurethane foams. These can also be used on molded polyurethane and closed cell foam containing vinyl.

These products will produce a skin/membrane on unskinned polyurethane foam to create a barrier to moisture and chemicals. This skin has excellent resistance to fluids and petroleum. They are a tough coating that adds durability to foam and imparts abrasion as well as puncture resistance.

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