Performix Coatings Products For Medical Products

Vinyl-based foam coating can be used to coat a wide variety of medical products. The premier product for these applications is Performix Coatings' PDC® F-861 Liquid Powder.

F-861 Liquid Powder is a high quality, vinyl concentrate, dry blend replacement. It’s used to manufacture (mix) vinyl paint used to spray or dip coat medical products.

The term Liquid Powder refers to the liquid concentrate form, which our F-861 is packaged in. Its advantages are: less space for storage (450 lb drums vs. 350 lb drums for dry blends), mix time is cut up to 50%, easier to handle (easy pour or pump liquid), no “caking” or compacting, no “leaching” of ingredients into container when stored, and most of all, because of its unique manufacturing process, it remains consistent from batch to batch.

About F-818
F-818 is a vinyl-based coating designed to coat vinyl-based foams. F-818 has excellent chemical, petroleum, abrasion, moisture and UV resistance, making it ideal for use on medical cushioning and padding. For our highest gloss finish, top coat with F-760.

About F-830 & 874
F-830 and F-874 is a unique vinyl-based coating that when spray-applied provides a durable, flexible protective coating on polyurethane foams. These can also be used on molded polyurethane and closed cell foam containing vinyl.

These products will produce a skin/membrane on unskinned polyurethane foam to create a barrier to moisture and chemicals. This skin has excellent resistance to fluids and petroleum. They are a tough coating that adds durability to foam and imparts abrasion as well as puncture resistance.

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