Performix Coatings Products For Metal Substrates

Plasti Dip® manufactures a number of products which can be beneficial for metal objects. Our F-820/F-819/F-698 and F-866 synthetic rubber-based coatings can bolster the resilience of metal items, and our H.P. Primer F-938 increases the adhesion of these coatings to metal surfaces.

About F-820/F-819/F-698 and F-866
Plasti Dip® F-820/F-819/F-698 and F-866 are high-build air-dry, synthetic rubber coatings that can be easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. Plasti Dip® F-820/F-819/F-698 and F-866 resist moisture, acids, abrasion, weathering, electrical shock, skidding/slipping and corrosion. It coats and gives a comfortable, controlled, color coded grip to all types of metal tools: lawn and garden, mechanical, electrical, woodworking and masonry.

Plasti Dip® F-820/F-819/F-698 and F-866 can also be applied to any metal to reduce vibration, deaden sound, prevent corrosion, insulate electrically and from extreme temperatures.

About F-938
High Performance (H.P.) PRIMER F-938 is a fast dry primer specifically developed to increase adhesion of PLASTI DIP® F-820/F-819/F-698 to metal surfaces. H.P. PRIMER F-938 can be sprayed, dipped or brushed and offers fast set up time with a high coverage rate.

Typically applied in one coat, only extreme corrosion and abrasion require a second coat, eliminating extensive preparation for most applications. H.P. PRIMER F-938 is recommended on all metal surfaces, especially galvanized, to prevent peeling of coating if it becomes damaged, reducing the amount of time to repair the damaged area. For best results apply coating over H.P. PRIMER F-938 as soon as it is dry to the touch. H.P. PRIMER F-938 is not recommended for use as a protective coating on its own.

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