You may be familiar with our original website,, which served all Plasti Dip International customers for many years. It provided support to our broad spectrum of customers including home users, retailers, manufacturers, industrial distributors and export sales. To better serve our customers, we’re dedicating exclusively to home users of Plasti Dip® and the rest of our consumer product line. We’ve created a brand new website,, for our manufacturing, transportation, industrial maintenance customers and distributors.

At, manufacturers, industrial users and distributors can find Performix® products conveniently separated into three markets: Manufacturing, Transportation, and Industrial Maintenance. Performix products are organized by categories within each market to help you find the right coating for your requirements.

Visit our website and become familiar with its content and layout. For further assistance, you can also contact our support team at 800-969-5432 ext. 104 for manufacturing customers or ext. 138 for distributors.


Development Lab

For new or customized formulations specifically developed to meet your requirements.




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