Super Grip® F-844

An air-dry synthetic rubber non-skid fabric coating. The unique tackified coating adheres to most fabrics and absorbent surfaces to stop skidding, shifting and slippage.

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Vyna Bond F-632

A strong, flexible polyurethane-based vinyl contact adhesive. Vyna Bond can be brushed or spread, is fast drying and has excellent resistance to softening from plasticizer migration. Vyna Bond will adhere most vinyl, fabrics and vinyl-based foams.

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VLP® F-631

A clear, high-strength tear repair designed to mend rips, tears and small holes on most types of flexible vinyl surfaces. VLP® is supplied in an easy to use, air-dry formula that dries clear and blends with all colored vinyl.

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PlastiSeam® F-715

A tough, clear, flexible polyurethane-based sealant that is excellent for sealing pin holes in sewn seams. PLASTISEAM® is typically used on nylon, canvas and other fabrics used in making backpacks, tents, awnings, tarps, outdoor clothing, etc.

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