Performix Coatings Products For Over The Road Equipment

Spray-applied vinyl coatings have many applications in over the road trucking. If you want a durable, noise deadening spray coating for your over the road equipment, Performix Coatings' PDC® F-753 Muraculon/F-881 Muraculon is an excellent choice.

F-753 Muraculon is a unique vinyl based coating that when spray applied provides a durable, flexible protective coating on polyurethane foams. F-753 can also be used on molded polyurethane and closed cell foam containing vinyl.

F-753 Muraculon coating is most commonly used as “edge spray” for noise deadening/insulation foam products for over the road equipment. F-753 is a tough coating that adds durability, moisture, heat, UV, abrasion, puncture and chemical resistance to foam products used in severe conditions. F-753 Muraculon is an excellent, cost effective replacement for Hypalon coating.

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