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F-1083’s’ is a flexible, self x-linking, high performance, high strength, fast set water base polyurethane used for IMC [in mold coating] or PMC [post mold coating] as a finish coat over an IMC or directly on other types of foam such as EVA, PVC, polystyrene or minicell.

Applications include athletic padding, medical pads, seating, automotive components, polypropylene buoys, polystyrene dock floatation blocks, etc…. F-1083’s’ is also a high solids, very low V.O.C. material, which makes it an Emission Control Coating System, eccs®.

F-1083’s’ performance can be increased more quickly using 130 °F for 15 minutes to accelerate the x-linking process.

Other Features Include

  • Intended for use in molds starting temps 90 °F
  • Water base, easy clean up.
  • One component-self x-linking
  • Custom color matching


  • Athletic Padding
  • PMC (post mold coating)
  • IMC
  • EVA
  • PVC
  • Polystyrene
  • Minicell

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F-1083 Product Specifications:

Solids (wt): 37-39%

Tensile: (ASTM-D 412) 3680 psi

Temperature use range: 0°F to 120°F

Elongation: (ASTM-D 412) 825%

Tear resistance: ASTM 1004 .70

Freeze Thaw stability: Excellent

Block resistant: 4hr at 120°F

Shelf life: 1+ year at 77°F unopened container

Coverage: 120 sq. ft. per gal at 5 mils

Finish: Semi-gloss

Chemical Resistance: In House Test Results [ASTM D-1308]

Ketone: Poor

Aromatics: Fair

Aliphatics: Good

Alcohols: Good

Acids: Good


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