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F-717 and F-719 are synthetic rubber coatings that exhibit the ultimate in durability and strength in the foam coatings industry. These coatings can be applied to polyethylene, EVA, as well as to many plastics such as ABS.
Previously referred to as PDC® 11 coatings, these have been in use in the medical industry for over a decade and exhibit excellent abrasion, puncture, moisture and urine resistance. Typical applications are foam positioning devices, buoys, sporting goods and padding, packaging, seat cushions, boat and dock bumpers. F-717 is an excellent choice for protecting polyethylene, polypropylene, EVA and mini-cell closed cell foam used for foam packaging and case inserts, preventing FOD.

Other Features Include

  • F-717 is the color formula
  • F-719 is the clear formula
  • F-810 is the UV enhanced formula
  • Wide variety of colors available including fluorescents
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Does not cause artifacts in most imaging applications

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F717 / F719 / F810 Product Specifications:

Solids: (wt.) 24%                                       

Weatherability: (ASTM G-53):

               3-5 years:  F-717/F-719

               7-10 years: F-810

Temperature use range: -30°F to 200°F

Block Resistance: 4 hours at 140°F      

Shelf life: 1+ years at 77°F unopened container              

Elongation: (ASTM D-638)  500%             

Coverage: 30 sq. ft. per gal. at 15 mils

Tensile: (ASTM D-638) 2,500 psi                

Finish: Satin                                                                                                                                   

Chemical Resistance: In House Test Results [ASTM D-1308]

Acids, alkalines, moisture, urine: Excellent

Petroleums: Limited


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