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PLASTI DIP® is an air-dry, synthetic rubber coating that can be easily applied by spraying, brushing or dipping. PLASTI DIP® resists moisture, acids, abrasion, weathering, electrical shock, skidding/slipping, corrosion; it coats and gives a comfortable, controlled, color coded grip to all types of tools: lawn and garden, mechanical, electrical, woodworking and masonry. 

PLASTI DIP® can also be applied to:

  • Wood: seals and protects from weathering and prevents splinters
  • Metal: reduces vibration, deadens sound, prevents corrosion, insulates electrically and from extreme temperatures
  • Glass: to make  glass objects shatterproof (available in clear)
  • Rope/Fabrics: weatherproofs, prevents rotting and fraying
  • Plastics: protects delicate surfaces from scratches
  • Rubber: weatherproofs, wear resistant

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Product Specifications:

Solids: (wt.) 24%

Durometer: Shore A (ASTM D-2240) 70

Tensile: (ASTM D-638) 3,740psi

Salt spray: (ASTM B-117) passed 1,000 hours

Elongation: (ASTM D-638) 430%

Temperature use range: -30°F to 200°F.

Cut resistance: (ASTM D-1044) Very good

Permeability: (ASTM E-96) .03 grains/sq. ft./hr.

Coverage: 40 sq. ft. per gal. at 10 mils

Dielectric: (ASTM D-149) 1,400 v/mil

Stone abrasion: (ASTM D-3170) Excellent 

Shelf life: 1+ years at 77°F unopened container   

Viscosity range: 80-100 K.U. at 77°F (+/- 2°F)

Weatherability:  (ASTM G-53) 3-5 years:  PLASTI DIP®, 7-10 years: PLASTI DIP® F-698 UV.

Chemical Resistance:

Acids, alkalines, pollutants: Excellent                  

Petroleums: Limited


We cannot anticipate all conditions under which this information and our products, or the products of other manufacturers in combination with our products, may be used. We accept no responsibility for results obtained by the applications of this information or the safety and suitability of our products, either alone or in combination with other product combination for their own purposes. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we sell the products without warranty, and buyers and users assume all responsibility and liability for loss or damage arising from the handling and use of our products whether used alone or in combination with other products. Ever changing VOC regulations in your area may require you to contact local authorities for proper use and/or disposal of this product. Should you need further assistance, please contact PLAST DIP INTERNATIONAL technical service.

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