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PLASTI DIP® PRIMER/AIM Compliant, meets requirements for AIM Industrial Maintenance Coating of 450 g/l or less VOC. PLASTI DIP® PRIMER/AIM Compliant, is a high-performance primer specifically developed to increase adhesion to metal surfaces. PLASTI DIP® PRIMER/AIM Compliant, can be sprayed, dipped or brushed.

Typically applied in one coat, only extreme corrosion and abrasion require a second coat, eliminating extensive preparation for most applications. PLASTI DIP® PRIMER/AIM Compliant, is recommended on all metal surfaces, especially galvanized, to prevent peeling of PLASTI DIP®/AIM Compliant Coating if it becomes damaged, reducing the amount of time to repair the damaged area. For best results apply PLASTI DIP®/AIM Compliant Coating over PLASTI DIP® PRIMER/AIM Compliant as soon as it is dry to the touch. PLASTI DIP® PRIMER/AIM Compliant is not recommended for use as a protective coating on its own.

Other Features Include

  • Recommended on all metal surfaces, especially galvanized
  • AIM compliant
  • Not recommended for use as a protective coating on its own


  • Metal Surfaces
  • Galvanized Metal

Alternative Products

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Product Specifications:

Solids: (wt.) 5%

Shelf life: 1+ years at 77°F unopened container

Coverage: 50 sq. ft. per gal. at 1 mil


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