Protective Padding: Wrestling Mats/VOC Reduction Solutions

Performix® created a flexible protective coating designed specifically for the foams and process being used by the manufacturer. The new coating provided a compliant, cost-effective coating alternative while surpassing previous solvent-based coating system in tensile, elongation and overall durability. Read More >

Leisure/Novelty: Pool and Spa/VOC Reduction Solutions

Performix® minimized permitting, storage, regulatory and insurance concerns while improving workplace conditions for employees with a new state-of-the-art flexible protective coating at a reasonable cost. Read More >

Industrial: Conductive/Static Dissipative Elastomeric Coatings

Performix® developed an electrostatic dissipative and conductive specialty coatings to meet the requirements of packaging and tools used in ESD-sensitive areas on a variety of substrates. Read More >

Healthcare: Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Products/In-Mold Barrier Coating Solutions

Products used for physical therapy rehabilitation were molded using flexible urethane foam, then finished with a protective coating. There was a need for a water-based (low VOC, non-flammable) in-mold coating with a built-in mold release that would not interfere with the coating/finishing process. Read More >

Healthcare: Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Products Solutions

Physical therapy and rehabilitation products needed to have cleanable yet comfortable surfaces that were fluid-resistant and durable. Performix® flexible protective foam coatings met this challenge and provided manufacturers and patients with many other benefits. Read More >

Healthcare: Wheelchair Seating Systems Solutions

Working with healthcare industry leaders, Performix® developed flexible protective coatings specifically for products used in the positioning of wheelchair users. Performix® foam coatings allowed users to have better positioning and pressure relief, while contributing to a safer, fluid-proof and more durable product. Read More >

Healthcare: Patient Positioning Solutions

Performix® created a safe, fluid-proof and chemical resistant protective coating for the foam rolls and pads used to position patients during surgery or imaging. Read More >

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